About Tapa Foods

Tapa Foods makes no bones about it. We strive for quality, every time. This is how we collect ourselves from our colleagues. For example, our fish salads, meat salads and vegetable salads are known as ‘richly filled salad spreads’.

You choose Tapa Foods because you choose:

Quality labels

We not only deliver quality with our salads, but we also look forward to our well-deserved quality labels every year. This assures you as a consumer of the quality and food safety of our products.

Our ACS and IFS quality certificates demonstrate that we work fully in accordance with all safety and hygiene regulations. Tapa Foods leaves nothing to chance.

Superior raw materials

Everything starts with good basic products. Tapa Foods selects its suppliers carefully. Only the best raw materials, fresh and tasty, have a chance to be used in our salads.

Because good is often not good enough, at Tapa Foods we only go for the best!

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