Private label salad spreads

Your name + your salad

You look after your customers by always offering them outstanding products. You’re proud of your name and your brand. At Tapa Foods we offer the best quality salads, absolutely delicious, and always filled sumptuously. These salad spreads can bear your name. We personalise all wrappings with your logo and corporate style. This gives you your own private label. Tapa Foods has five different sorts of packaging for you, which we always label with your name, logo, or corporate style. This guarantees you top quality fresh food!

125-150g | 170-200g | 325-350g | 1kg | 5kg

Private label salad spreads

Curious about our range?

Fish & Fruits de mer

  • King crab salad
  • Surimi salad
  • Thai curry chunks
  • Grey prawn salad
  • Tiger prawn in garlic sauce
  • Giant pink prawn cocktail


  • Chicken salad
  • Thai chicken salad
  • Chicken tapas Hawaii
  • Pitta (spicy)


  • Vegetarian salad