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Congratulations on an excellent choice!

Tapa Foods doesn’t mince its words. We aim for constant quality. That’s how we stand out from our colleagues. For example, our fish salads, poultry salads, and vegetable salads are renowned for being 'sumptuous salad spreads'. When you choose Tapa Foods you are opting for:

  • fresh raw produce
  • top quality
  • a traditional production method
  • tasty and sumptuous dishes
  • exclusive recipes based on passion and years of experience

Quality labels

We not only supply quality with our salads, but we also look forward each year to our well-earned quality labels. These ensure you, the consumer, of the quality and food safety of our products.

Our ACS and IFS quality certificates show that we operate in complete conformity to all safety and hygiene regulations. Tapa Foods leaves nothing to chance.

Superior raw produce

Everything starts with good basic products. Tapa Foods selects its suppliers with the utmost care. Only the best raw produce, fresh and tasty, has a chance of being processed in our salads.

Since ‘good’ is often not good enough, at Tapa Foods we only go for the best!

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