Tapa Foods, producer of chilled prepared salad spreads under its own brand or private label.

Your name + your salad

You look after your customers by always offering them outstanding products. You’re proud of your name and your brand. At Tapa Foods we offer the best quality salads, absolutely delicious, and always filled sumptuously. These salad spreads can bear your name. We personalise all wrappings with your logo and corporate style. This gives you your own private label.

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Your own recipe

Are you looking to create a specific new salad? Or perhaps you have a great idea or recipe for a new salad spread? We work with you in line with your wishes to create this unique item. Which gives you your own unique salad that becomes the autograph of your business or that you make for a very special occasion.

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Tasty salads

Fish, poultry, and vegetable salads which stand out for their taste and quality and are prepared in the traditional manner according to exclusive recipes. That’s what Tapa Foods is all about and that’s what you get. Because you love a full savour, a regular structure, and fresh products. That’s how you, too, make the difference.

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Our brands

Something for everyone. Tapa Foods has developed four brands to meet the needs of wholesalers, retailers, catering firms, and consumers. Each brand has all the typical features of Tapa Foods: top quality, super fresh, absolutely delicious, and traditionally prepared.

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About Tapa Foods

Tapa Foods doesn’t mince its words. We aim for constant quality. That’s how we stand out from our colleagues. For example, our fish salads, poultry salads, and vegetable salads are renowned for being 'sumptuous salad spreads'. When you choose Tapa Foods you are opting for:

  • fresh raw produce
  • top quality
  • a traditional production method
  • tasty and sumptuous dishes
  • exclusive recipes based on passion and years of experience

Congratulations on an excellent choice!

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